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Enhance your Villa renovations Dubai

To accommodate contemporary lifestyles, it may be desirable to modernize a portion of your historic home through well-planned Villa renovations. Renovation can aid in:

Villa Renovation Dubai
  • Expand the available space in your home.
  • Adapt the functional use of rooms to your needs or refresh worn-out rooms.
  • Improve indoor/outdoor flow
  • Optimize your heat retention and energy efficiency
  • Remove any out-of-date materials that could be harmful.

Our team can work on your home as part of a standalone renovation project, as part of a more extensive period home restoration project, or as part of an extension project. We provide comprehensive project management with a team of reliable subcontractors and suppliers, so you only need to deal with a single point of contact throughout the duration of the project.

Key renovation considerations

Designer walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms

Typically, villas and bungalows lack storage space, so adding more cupboards or wardrobes can make your life easier and increase the property’s resale value. Planning the layout ensures that there will be sufficient storage space to meet your needs. The colour of your closet doors is an additional crucial decision. California wardrobes are traditionally white and add a clean, crisp look to traditional homes. However, for continuity, you may choose to match the design of your closet doors to the rest of your home.

Construction of windows, double glazing, and leadlight

Retrofitting your home with double glazing will not only increase heat and energy retention, but it will also reduce street noise. Our skilled team can restore your existing joinery and install double glazing; if the woodwork requires replacement, we can match your existing joinery with custom-supplied wood from our period feature suppliers.

Outdoor entertainment spaces

Whether it’s a custom wrap-around verandah to bring your villa to life or a traditional deck, Villa Renovations in Dubai can add distinctive touches to your outdoor space that will best complement your period home and enhance your indoor/outdoor flow. You may also want to consider incorporating the following elements into your design:

  • Hearths or fire pits
  • Featured waters
  • Pergolas with louvres and outdoor “rooms”
  • Papered courts
  • Private spa areas
  • Outdoor dining and grilling spaces

In addition to insulation and heating, our team can work with you to improve your living space with other subtle modern additions.


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